"You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time,
 but you can not fool all of the people all of the time." (Abraham Lincoln)

Computer solutions for SMB
In the sectors hard-, software,
consumables and Internet


Some projects

- Gerda Spillmann AG, Adliswil/ZH (documentation quality system, programming
  of databases, support & training)
- Aurora Pharma GmbH, Affoltern a/A (documentation, support, DTP & training)
- In past times Lanecom AG, Bremgarten/AG (programming of databases,
  installation of networks and software)
- Teacher organisation of Zurich, Winterthur (programming of databases—job board)
- Sulger Illustration & Grafik (hardware-support - designer of our logo)
- Atelier Hoenig, Montréal, Kanada (website)
- The World Foundation for Natural Science (database, magazines / DTP)
- Vitacare AG, Baar/ZG (support, training)
- Worldsites, Rotkreuz/ZG (essentially search engine optimisation)
- Naturwunder-Lade, Obfelden/ZH (support)
- Kristallsalzcenter Waldmann, Menzingen/ZG (support, installations)
- Verlag Zeitenschrift & Co., Ballwil/LU (several web pages, magazines / DTP,
- Konkordia AG, Luzern (website)
- Tenuta Aia Vecchia, Sassofortina/Toskana, Italien (website)
- Elisabeth Specker-Küffer (website)
- Speedmodels, Rupperswil (DTP, illustrations, manuals, website)
- In past times Aqua Royal Schweiz (scientific translations, hardware-support,
- Verein zopph (website spariv.ch, database management, DTP, support)
- Foto-mam (website)
  as also private clients from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom,
  France, Romania, United States of America, Russia, Israel and Czechia

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